Our story

You may wonder where and how the story of the resort on Sri Lanka's best beach began. Well… My name is Marek Němec, and I have always enjoyed travel and adventure. These two hobbies inspired me to found the travel agency Siam Travel which specializes in providing and organizing exotic holidays. Moreover, I have always strived to improve the services for my clients and friends. All of this gave birth to the resort on the best beach of Sri Lanka.

In 2002, a twenty-year civil war in Sri Lanka ended, and a two-year truce was declared. The country's economy and inhabitants were totally exhausted, so the country started to invite overseas investors. 

The north-east of the country was totally isolated, although it once (in the 70's and 80's) used to be the centre of tourism for nearly 300 000 overseas tourists as well as for rich people from the capital of Colombo.

At that time, I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time, and I was able to acquire a 10000 sq m piece of land full of palm trees and tropical vegetation right on the two kilometres long beach between Uppaveli and Nilavelli. The site is protected by a coral reef from one side and by Shiva's Rock in the sea from the other side. For centuries, local people have come to pray to a sacred tree inside our resort called “Pechchi Aaman” - the tree which is said to be guarded by the local Goddess. 

I realized there had to be something to it when the whole of Sri Lanka had been hit by tsunami. Although the destructive wave had been over seven metres high, it hit our resort at the height of merely one and a half meters. I am extremely grateful for this miracle, I appreciate the local Goddess and her strength which radiates from every inch of the resort.

A year later, the civil started again and it continued for three years until the final armistice in May 2009. Since then, the number of tourists arriving in Sri Lanka has been growing, and it exceeded 17 million in 2017.

Fortunately, our resort is located in the north-east, away from tourism, purely clean. Step by step, for seven years, we have built this unique resort in the style of Robinson Crusoe. It has been a place where you get the chance to return to the nature, to meet pure local culture and people unspoiled by tourism. There are not many places worldwide where you can walk for miles along virgin beaches, watch dolphins and whales, and admire breathtaking sunrises and sunsets – all of this only a ten-hour flight far from Europe. 

If you long for the return to yourself and to the nature, undoubtedly, 108 Palms Beach Resort is the right place for you.

Dana and Marek